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Meet our Doctors

At Doctors Office Toronto our physicians are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive medical care to our patients of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Dr. Marvin Gelkopf #1

Dr. Marvin Gelkopf

Dr. Sophie Gottesman #1

Dr. Sophie Gottesman

Dr. Steven Gottesman #1

Dr. Steven Gottesman

Dr. Aaron Hotz #1

Dr. Aaron Hotz

Dr. Samara Kraus #1

Dr. Samara Kraus

Dr. Yosef Lazarev #1

Dr. Yosef Lazarev

Dr. Roy Nofech-Mozes

Dr. Roy Nofech-Mozes

Dr. Sidney Nusinowitz #1

Dr. Sidney Nusinowitz

Dr. Dahlia Pankowski #1

Dr. Dahlia Pankowski

Dr. Jeffrey Pelchovitz #1

Dr. Jeffrey Pelchovitz

Dr. 1 #1

Dr. Roy Sheinerman

Dr. Richard Sidlosfsky #1

Dr. Richard Sidlofsky

Dr. 2 #1

Dr. Max Weisbrod

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